Tag. You’re It. is an inspired collection of products formed from creativity in all mediums. 

A sticker slapped sign, a painted wall, a drawn up scrap piece of paper, all the forms of lost art, recharged into products to represent YOU. You inform the environment around. Tag. You’re It. believes in the social responsibility of spreading inspiration to all through our talents, actions, and expressions. 

We all have our own Tag(s), it is what you do with those characteristics and talents and how you Tag others, that matters. Tag is about using what you have in a way that inspires those around you. Tag. You’re It. is for anyone to foster their best selves in order to help others explore the best them.

Join the movement. 

Tag. You’re It. 



Lauren - Designer



I work in both digital and print mediums, having done everything from marketing collateral for shows on NBC, medical device packaging for Dexcom (commercial release G6), illustrations, branding, applications, to screen printing T-shirts for my own company. I thrive under the pressures of a deadline, challenges, and do my best in an open, collaborative environment.

On a more personal level, I enjoy San Diego brews, cruising the beach on a skate board/bike, poetry books, screen printing, and sticker slapping.

Worked with: Intuit, NBC, Dexcom, Dan Perri, Dope Athletics, KT Walking Paws