Dexcom G6 is the next generation of CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring.) The Dexcom G6 system provides continuous insight into glucose levels throughout the day and night. The Packaging was designed according to the specific user needs and context of in-home (personal) use product.

Dexcom G6 Packaging Final Product:

General Principles:

  • Guide the user through the process

  • Show rather than tell

  • Always consider how and where the packaging is stored

  • Less is more - use the minimum amount of content on the box to emphasize simplicity

In collaboration with branding, packaging and labeling, the UXD Visual team has created guidelines for packaging graphics that considers the following:

  • Logo and graphics usage

  • Color & typography

  • Product imagery guidelines

  • Additional content (e.g. app store, quantity, labeling requirements)


Packaging Inspiration:

Concept Sketches:


Dexcom Then and now:


Social Media:


Credits: Thank you to the collaborative efforts between Dexcom UXD, Packaging Engineering, Labeling, Marketing, and Professional Education. Special thanks to Phil Pupa for all your collaborative efforts, product principles, and guidance through building the next generation of product packaging. 

Lauren Armenta