Savvy CGM


What is savvy?

Savvy is an app that pairs to a non invasive device you apply to your body to monitor your glucose levels. Savvy pairs with your phone so you can monitor your activity, insulin dosages, heart rate, carb intake, and more. It allows the user to feel empowered to make treatment decisions based off of the feedback Savvy provides. Be safe, be Savvy. 


The Challenge:

How can managing diabetes be easier?

Designed for easy set up and use, Savvy combines wearable technology and guidance to manage your glucose levels. Savvy needed brand identity, illustrations, and an app to reflect its simpler approach to treatment. 



The name Savvy evokes a sense of peace of mind so users can relax and enjoy their day to day activities knowing this device helps with the heavy lifting of managing diabetes.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 8.01.42 PM.png

Visual Identity:

With vibrant colors, semi bold type, and an icon that represents connection to your data, the brand suggests an ease of use and safety, utilizing the knowledge provided by Savvy.


The colors used throughout the Savvy logo respect the color pallet of Savvy, using both Primary and Secondary color pallets. The purpose of the logo is to compress and condense meaning and complexity into a small visual cue, meaning simplify Savvy as a whole into an iconic representation. Savvy, known for its CGM data, uses a dot as a representation of a glucose (data) value. The symbol forms a connection between each data dot (the “S” for Savvy) linking one point to the next, drawing patterns to help people form a better understanding of their values to treat appropriately.



Savvy_app 3.gif
Savvy_app 5.gif

*Disclaimer: this is a personal project not affiliated with Dexcom.

Lauren Armenta