Tag. You're It.


Brand Values:

Tag. You're It. is a brand that believes in the social responsibility of spreading inspiration to all. Whether it be a sticker slapped sign, a painted wall, or a drawn on scrap piece of paper, we are all about bringing the lost art back into the world. We each have our own tag, it's what you do with it and how you tag others that matters. Tag is about using what you have in a way that inspires those around you.


How It Works:

Tag You're It, is essentially a company that starts underground and gains recognition through seeing stickers and other products placed in various locations. The concept of Tag You're It, allows interaction between the consumers and brand. Once someone sees the tag, they become “tagged” and it is then their turn to “tag” other people and places. These are a specialty line of spray paint cans from the company. Each can has its own style based of the color of the paint inside the can.